While motherhood is an unparallel unique experience, there are stories that many can chuckle at, reminiscing. Read on for a few such celeb mom tales!

Everyone loves a tale they can relate to. When it is narrated by someone with a following of thousands, the comfort is often doubled. This mother’s day, we scroll through Instagram feeds to bring you celeb mom tales to find warmth in and revel to. These are tidbits from day-to-day lives that parents are bound to love!

The coming of age story

A few days ago, Sushmita Sen had shared her feelings about voting with her elder daughter, with the younger one waiting in line. While there are many overwhelming points in the growth curve where a mom can feel their child has grown up, one of the most defining moments for an Indian parent is when their kid cast their first vote. The blue ink, a solid proof.

Sharing vulnerabilities

No one is perfect, not even a parent. In a recent note that Genelia Deshmukh penned for her son, she bared her vulnerabilities and efforts to be a better person, the best version of herself. She calls the experience an ambition, underlying the hard work required, mirroring feelings all parents are bound to experience at some point or the other, some constantly.

Standing tall with pride

After sufficient time has passed and the child has had the chance to convert their dreams into reality, moments of pride come by. For Neena Gupta, one such recent moment was when she got to be a guest at her daughter’s event, the completion of ten years for Masaba’s clothing company. She squeezed a tonne of relatable feelings in ‘Achcha lagta hai’.

Thinking ahead, always

A big chunk of parenthood is all about thinking ahead, right from vaccination to finances. However, sometimes thinking ahead is not along the lines of rationale but a case of casual daydreaming. Like recently when Lisa Ray shared a picture of her sons in the process of standing up and she could almost see them ordering their first coffee!

When school duty calls

School life is a rollercoaster ride for kids and parents. They are expected to pitch in a lot and happily so. While it can be exhausting, there are moments of bliss that do peek through. Sunny Leone had shared one such experience, excited about the day at her daughter’s school, hoping that the little ones had as much as fun as she did.

Keeping them all in the loop

Bringing in a new bundle of joy into the family can be overwhelming, especially when there is another member who was in that exact place not so long ago. Keeping them in the loop, reiterating how they will always be loved in the same way and are simply getting a whole new person to love is important — something that Ekta Kapoor’s post reflected.

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Just.. sleep?

Perhaps nothing is as precious to a new parent as sleep. One of the most important experiences to normalise in the journey of being a new mother is exhaustion and the need to simply hit the sack in the middle of the day. It is bound to be the favourite time of the day for many mothers, as it was for Shveta Salve.