Relive your school memories with the new season of ImMature on Prime Video!

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Aug 30, 2022 12:29 IST

School days are considered to be the best days of our lives that we want to keep on reliving again and again and with ImMature season 2, it seems like they are back!

Sometimes, all you need amidst an exhausting week of school, college or work is something that reminds you of the good times. Without a doubt, the carefree phase of school days beats everything else and is the most cherished period of any human. Back during those days, the troubles and tribulations did seem daunting but well not when one grows up. One show that immediately comes to mind is TVF’s ImMature. If you recollect the first season proved to be amazing at capturing the innocence of school life and friendships. Recently, Prime Video launched the new, equally exciting second chapter of this hit series.

Created by The Viral Fever, directed by Anant Singh, the new chapter season of the comedy-drama delves deeper into the events that unfold in the lives of students who are stuck between childhood and adulthood. It promises to help you relive all the crazy things you did, or thought of doing during your school life. Moreover, the young and talented cast comprising of Omkar Kulkarni, Rashmi Agdekar, Naman Jain, Kanikka Kapur, and Chinmay Chandraunshu have portrayed all the characters and their stories so well that it got nominated for the Top 10 Digital Series Award at the Cannes series in 2018. In fact, the first season even premiered there!

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5 reasona why binging on ImMature Season 2 might just be the perfect way to beat the stress!

The sentiment of nostalgia

This comedy-drama series centers around the best time of our lives, i.e., school life. Seeing these characters go through all the challenges of a student’s life will remind you of your own school time and the challenges you faced. Be it talking to a crush, having your first drink, cursing at someone for the first time, or making lifelong friends. The characters of this show experience it all and make it relatable enough for you to actually let out a tiny nostalgic smile.

The intriguing cliffhanger of Season 1    

With Season 2 now available to binge-watch, the fans of the series have the answer to where life takes this gang. What career choices would Dhruv make? What happens to Dhruv and Chhavi’s relationship? Where does life take these four friends? Season 2 has answered it all!


The importance of school friends

School friends are someone who always sticks with you. This group of friends established their insane camaraderie in the first season itself. Now, with the challenges of the next step and the world at their disposal, how they manage to stick together as they navigate life is relatable, enjoyable, and somewhat inspiring.

The cute chemistry of Dhruv and Chhavi   

Dhruv (played by Omkar Kulkarni) and Chhavi (played by Rashmi Agdekar) established a great bond between their characters in the first season. Their young and playful love was seen blossoming in a way that one might think that the actors are in love! The second season brings the same chemistry back and gives it to the viewers by the truckload. So, why not reminisce about blooming romance with the way both fall in love with each other?

The perfect balance of a short and sweet tale    

One of the most remarkable things about this series is that they cover pretty much every aspect of a student’s life. The highs, the lows, the times they laughed, and the times they were contemplating their life choices, all these things make the series a melting pot of emotions that gives you just enough of every feeling.


So, go grab your best mates, a tub of popcorn and settle down for some chuckles, cuteness, and nostalgic vibes with Dhruv, Chhavi, Kabir, and Susu as they deal with new challenges in their friendship, love life, and academics in ImMature Season 2 on Prime Video. 

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