Before checking out Reshma Mariam John’s Onam look suggestions, know that, no matter what you choose, we hope your outfit is Sadhya-friendly!

All the times we had fallen in love with Malar miss, our hearts stopped when she decided to wear the ‘Kerala saree’ aka the Kasavu saree in their college Onam celebration in Premam. Guess the charm of having to wear and dress up in traditional Kerala attire will never fade away. Rushing to the market to get all the beautiful flowers we can find for the pookalam and conditioning our body to wake up early to visit the temple and go on a shopping spree for the big sadhya, Onam is a huge deal in Kerala and for every Malayalee around the world. No matter where you are, in Kerala, Mumbai, or the Gulf (read Geleff), you don’t miss the chance to dress up as the best version of a Malayalee manka or Malayalee paiyan. Borrowing mundu from your fathers and thinking of ways to style your mother’s kasavu saree, everyone preps for the best Onam look.

Reshma Mariam John knows just how important it is to ace that festive look, especially in times of Instagram and social media. A lawyer and a fashion influencer, she has been joining the Onam fun already to give people tips on what one should not forget when planning their look this year. “Getting ready for Onam and having sadya are my favourite parts of it. So, here are some tips to make you look elegant in your Onam attire.”

She lists down all the small details that will make for the perfect look!

Choose an outfit in which you would be comfortable – it can either be a kurti, salwar, saree, set mundu, dress or anything of your choice.

It would be great if your outfit is cream or golden in colour if you choose to wear something other than a set saree/mundu.

To add to the ethnicity, you can choose an outfit with a golden-coloured border. 

If you choose to wear a salwar, you can choose a cream top and pair it with a golden shawl or a green/red/yellow shawl.

Anything with a little touch of cream and golden would be perfect.

Now, there are no hard and fast rules to choosing Onam outfits. 

So, this year I chose a saree with a twist. I did not choose a typical set saree to create my Onam look. I just made sure, it’s cream and has a golden border. I’m wearing a cotton blend saree with not-so-visible black stripes all over the saree. It has a beautiful purple and golden colour running all along the border which makes it look perfect for Onam. I paired it with a purple brocade blouse. For the jewellery, I chose an antique choker and earrings.

Hope you have a hearty sadhya with these tips! Happy Onam.

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