If you don’t eat to live and live to eat, check out the following restaurants and check-in, whenever you’re in town or just follow them on Instagram because a trip to LA or California might not be on cards too soon.

Different cultures have different have culinary traditions. Culture travels with the people traveling and so do their diverse delicacies. Which is why, you can enjoy pizza invented in Naples, Italy or drool over kebabs invented in West Belin, while sitting at home in Mumbai.

Travel-based technological advancements have achieved a lot but the actual win is bringing different culinary arts together.

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For obvious reasons when culinary arts start their journey from a place, they fuse with the arts of the place they reach. The results are these drool-worthy cuisines.

Mumbai, New York & California among others, have over the years become cultural hubs with diverse cuisines. Most of these restaurants are based out of California & New York. So next time you’re there, you have a distinct list of the best restaurants to choose from. If you live there, what are you waiting for? Christmas?

Just following these restaurants on Instagram would fulfill your never-dying hunger. Take a look.

Humble advice: Keep some snacks ready.

Bumsan Organic Milk Bar, California

Sweetbird, California

THE CUT, California

Union Square Cafe, New York

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Shinobu Japanese BBQ, California

Philly’s Best, California

Smorgasburg Los Angeles, LA

Sweet Rolled Tacos, California

The Kickin’ Crab, California

Gebhard’s Beer Culture, New York

Apóla Gyro Grill, California

Mariscos ElBigoton, California

Boo’s Philly Cheesesteaks, LA

Smallcakes: A Cupcakery – Greenwood, Indiana

California Donuts, LA

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Donut mess with @brokehangrygirls! ?

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Well, guess who is booking tickets for California? Not me, cause I’m broke! But hey, drooling is free of charge!

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