Aarya Antim Vaar review: As a show and character, Aarya deserved a better goodbye!

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Aarya Antim Vaar

Aarya Antim Vaar

Aarya Aantim Vaar is the final four episodes of Aarya season 3. Honestly, it's more of the same as season 3 part 1, just stretched out unnecessarily.

Remember how you felt bad for Cersei Lannister after watching the last season of Game of Thrones? This wasn't because she was killed; that was inevitable. But we felt bad for her character who had a solid build-up and the way she died didn't do justice to her arc. I felt the same after watching Aarya Antim Vaar. There wasn't much that one couldn't guess after watching Aarya's season 3 part 1 last November. Yet it was intriguing to see how it unfolded in part 2. And by that expectation, this finale delivers low on its promise! 

Season 3, divided into two parts, was a moral battle for Aarya. As I said in my last review, it was about 'you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain'. How long can you defend yourself from murdering people left, right, and center under the guise of protecting your family? How long does it take for the daughter to become her father, Zorawar Rathore, who took Aarya's husband's and her brother's lives to save her because Aarya also chooses business over Veer's girlfriend and his unborn baby? How long does it take to become those same villains you are fighting against? And most importantly, how long does it take for you to go from being a working mother who is protecting her kids to an unfit mother who ends up hurting them? 

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This is what this season deals with, and if the last part was about Veer being estranged from Aarya, this part is about Aaru and Adi experiencing this estranged relationship with their mother. But as great as this concept sounds, it isn't thoroughly explored. Just as the colors have gone away from the show and shifted to monochrome dark shades, the show's writing has lost its flair. Aaru's constantly irritating poetry reiterating the words 'majboor' or 'mahaan', 'bali' ya 'balidan' is like the same spoonfeeding ineffective repetitiveness of the narrative where Aarya fights Russians, Khans, her rival contemporaries, moles, and more to save her cartel business. It's a story told one too many times before in this series itself! Twists and turns aren't thrilling but predictable, fights aren't exhilarating but inevitable, and Aarya getting backed into a corner up to a breaking point was what was expected. Honestly, this show could have done with one less episode and one final season instead of two parts months apart! 

Aarya was once a show that broke stereotypes of being an authentic remake, balancing the art of intruding with a flair of melodrama and being the best in the OTT era. This now feels like something we cannot wait to finish. I salute the makers for going for the ending that they have gone for, but it feels like Ram Madhvani and his entire team desperately tried to draw closure to Aarya's chapter with minimal effort. This feels saddening, especially for the formidable and absolutely brilliant Sushmita Sen, who is still the best this season. I would have so loved to see a solid Nalini versus Aarya, a mother versus a mother, but as I said, Cersei, as a wilfully strong villain for the world and a mother who would go to any length for her kids, deserved much better, and so did Aarya and all of us! 

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