Bramayugam review: Mammootty can't save this disappointing mythological horror

Karishma Jangid
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'Bramayugam' falls short as a horror flick, lacking the thrills it promised. Despite the potential, it fails to deliver, leaving audiences wanting more.

Recently, I wrote an article advocating for more horror films in India due to the dearth of such productions. There has been a noticeable scarcity of horror films in recent times. Hence, I was excited to watch Rahul Sadasivan’s ‘Bramayugam.’ However, this remains yet another mediocre horror film that refuses even to scare let alone entertain. 

Bramayugam, which translates to the age of madness, refers to the time after Kalyuga when God has departed, and no matter how much we call him, he won't return. However, Thevan (Arjun Ashokan) believes in God. He is a folk singer in the 17th century, fleeing from slavery, and finds refuge in the mansion of Kodumon Potti (Mammootty). Who is Kodumon Potti and what does he do? We don't know, but there is something undeniably sinister and unsettling about him. There's an eerie vibe surrounding his cook and the haunted mansion as well. Potti extends an indefinite invitation to Thevan to stay as his guest. But is he being invited or enslaved? That’s what we find out.

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Right from the film's opening scene, the sound is overwhelming. It keeps insisting, “Come on! It's time to be scared.” The black-and-white aesthetic fails to convincingly transport you to the 17th century or create a haunting atmosphere. The crutches of sound and colour can only take you so far when your plot is basic. For a dark mythological horror film, it lacks any real scares. The treatment of mythology feels superficial. The term ‘Bramayugam’ is used just for the sake of it; the filmmakers didn’t bother to explore the potential of its mythological elements. Moreover, the plot is ridden with so many plotholes that one cannot help but be disappointed. Even in a film about three men, they managed to bring sexism in. A sexy succubus appears whenever convenient only to unnecessarily seduce men. She has been included solely for male viewing pleasure. The film finally culminates into a very disappointing and predictable climax.

Bramayugam had immense potential. With Kodumon as a manipulator and Thevan as a believer, the film could have delved into rich mythological and philosophical debates. The plot also had the opportunity to incorporate psychological horror. However, the film seemed more interested in narrating a story without exploring deeper themes. It often felt predictable, as if unsure of its direction. Despite Mammooty and Ashokan delivering strong performances, the film failed to fully capitalize on their talent. Perhaps Mammootty's charm might make the film tolerable for his fans, but for others, there's little to enjoy.

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