JioCinema Film Festival Part 4 review: The last of the five films are varied and touch on many topics!

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JioCinema Film Festival Part 4

JioCinema Film Festival Part 4

JioCinema Film Festival Part 4 review: Before We Die, Dammy, Phone Call, Machis ki Dibiya, and Ring Mili Kya discuss important topics like climate change, parental freedom, and much more! 

JioCinema Film Festival Part 4 review: The final and the last leg of the JioCinema Film Festival came out with five films covering varied topics. Before We Die talks about the dangers of climate change, Dammy talks about the plight of a single father, Machis ki Dibiya is about a heartfelt philosophical conversation with a stranger, Ring Mili Kya is about a marriage but of the parents, and Phone Call is about a mother's road to independence.

With no popular known faces each of these films leaves something with you. Even though Machis ki Dibiya and Ring Mili Kya are as strong as the other three in their craft of storytelling yet their heart is in the right place and so is their message. Dammy is definitely unmissable while Before We Die and Phone Call say a lot in just a few minutes! 

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Before We Die- Akshay Patil 

A silent deceptive film that points out the importance of every drop of water. The half-hour film is set in a deserted village and the yellow tone has no dialogue but is built with an interesting gaze that keeps you hooked till the end. A small girl, an ailing father, her brother and his friends, a family hiding a secret, a robbery, and some gunshots being fired lead to violence, and danga break out because of some bottles of water.

Dammy- Rukshana Tabassum

The film is set in a realistic world where your heart breaks looking at the poor father's plight in a cruel and mean world. A wifeless daddy wants to have a sex change operation to become a mummy as he will get breasts because his newborn daughter isn't drinking milk. A crazy but genuine idea gets exploited by the attendants of the hospital who dupe him for money. And by the end of the film, his cycle is even stolen. It's a heartbreaking tale of poverty and a father's determination for his daughter! 

Phone Call- Ankur Singh 

A simple housewife mother who never steps out of her house except to go to Mandir steps out of the house to go the bank just because her son who is living away in Mumbai needs some money for his birthday. A phone call from him where he gets angry makes her take the leap of a journey and feel proud of herself for being able to only go to the bank but successfully send him the money. The best part of this eight-minute wholesome film was the fact that the son planned this all just to make his mother at least learn to go to the bank. 

Machis ki Dibiya- Vinod Tahrani  

A connection between a Kaali Peeli taxi driver and a heartbroken passenger leads to a philosophical discussion about life, human beings, and marriage. Aashima who was running away from her problems realises her mistake because of Arvind, who with a twist in the tale is apparently dead. 

Ring Mili Kya- Ankit Sharma

A simple sweet cute Bollywood look film that celebrates the idea that love has no age or bar making the case for lonely parents to find partners for each other. From the start, it feels like Mridul and Jaanvi are getting engaged but that is just a dupe. In reality, their parents are getting engaged to each other through them. 

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