Lord Curzon Ki Haveli review: Brilliant cast delivers refreshing mystery and hilarity

Karishma Jangid
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Lord Curzon

'Lord Curzon Ki Haveli' is filled with mystery, humour, and unexpected twists, featuring a great cast and engaging storyline. The film was featured at the Wench Film Festival 2024. 

When I first heard the title 'Lord Curzon Ki Haveli,' I was intrigued. True to its title, the film is highly intriguing, mysterious, bizarre, and hilarious. This one is perhaps the best film I watched at the Wench Film Festival 2024; it is a case of mystery done right. London-based Ira (Rasika Duggal), a jovial character, is in love with her strict husband, Dr. Basuki Nath (Paresh Pahuja), who couldn’t care less about her. He condescends her and has an aversion to fun. One evening, when the couple goes to meet Ira’s friend Sanya (Zoha Rahman), they also encounter her friend Rohit (Arjun Mathur), who jokes about the dead body of Lord Curzon being in the trunk. This joke alters the course of the evening and subsequently changes their lives.

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The film is a rollercoaster ride. It captivates you with the intriguing chemistry between the beautiful Ira and the annoying Basuki. Soon, we are introduced to the quirky and charming Rohit and the observant Sanya. What a fabulous cast! Rasika, in her various avatars displayed within two hours, is a treat to watch, as is Arjun. Despite his pranks, he emerges as the most likeable character. Paresh is also particularly impressive, effectively evoking both hatred and pity for his character. The dynamics among these four characters fluctuate seamlessly throughout the film. While the script occasionally falters with some unnecessary scenes and dialogue, these are minor issues in an otherwise engaging narrative. The film keeps viewers hooked with its numerous unpredictable twists and turns, interspersed with a few entertaining yet predictable moments. It repeatedly makes you laugh out loud!

Even though Lord Curzon Ki Haveli is primarily limited to a single location, it delves into numerous topics. It portrays female rage, a theme seldom depicted aptly in Indian cinema, particularly addressing rage against one’s husband—a taboo topic. Through its setting, the film examines the dichotomy between the West and the so-called third world, particularly from the perspective of Indians. It delves into the mentality of those who perceive colonizers as superior. It constantly comments on the position of Indians in the West. I wouldn't claim that the discussion about illegal Indian immigrants in the West had a lasting impact on me. However, there was indeed a sincere effort to integrate this narrative into the mysterious mesh of the film. And the absence of preachiness and moralizing behaviour was a relief.

Lord Curzon Ki Haveli, like any film, is not flawless. However, it is a refreshing film that attempts to explore and realise its full potential. Supported by a brilliant cast and refreshing script, director Anshuman Jha has made a truly entertaining film.

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Lord Curzon Ki Haveli Lord Curzon Ki Haveli review