Mr and Mrs Smith review: A dark, funny, and refreshing remake that we didn't know we needed!

Sakshi Sharma
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Mr and Mrs Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith

This genius remake of Mr. and Mrs. Smith borrows from the original and adds its own ideas by adding the complications of marriage in the otherwise, usually thrilling and adventurous lives of agents!

Imagine choosing to live a double life and working as a secret agent who goes on different missions while being married to someone you don't know. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the series is based on precisely this! This series is inspired from the 2005, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie starrer Mr. and Mrs. Smith, where the two are seen living double lives. In this one though, a secret organisation hires people with previous combat experience (ex-CIA, army), looks for compatibility between two agents and matches them with each other to go on secret missions.

This would make for a crazy idea for an arranged marriage app, if anyone's listening. Anyway, our protagonists aka the Smiths (John and Jane) aren't the only ones in this system, there are many like them. And while falling in love is allowed within the system, it is almost inevitable, when it comes to the mission, only three mistakes are allowed. 

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This 8-episode series with a new mission in every episode and so many popular guests is dark, fun, eclectic, and quite real. Jane and John are two anti-social lost souls with anxiety and sociopathic issues. They are not perfect agents! They make mistakes in communicating, lose their targets sometimes, vomit while disposing off a dead body, and so much more. But the nitty-gritties of marriage that show up in working as professional agents makes this show so unique and original. Jane loves her space too much and struggles to be truly vulnerable with John, who she has fallen in love with.

On the other hand, for John, his insecurity as a man makes it hard for him to accept that he might not get to be a 'typical man' in the relationship with Jane, who is smarter than him. They go on dates, vacations, and honeymoons with a target in sight, get intimate after killing someone, and are friends with other, more dangerous, 'Smiths'. They go for couples therapy, fight with each other, and almost cheat on each other. They go through what most married couples go through with the exception of guns, action, violence and sometimes even bombs!

The show's writing is ingenious, as is the performance delivered by the two leads, who perfectly balance each other's acts. The tonality of the show is completely different from the 2005 film, and rightly so. It adds depth to the previous one enigmatic, high-thrilling film and is true to what it wants to represent. It is an original show that hat-tips to its predecessor but refuses to be categorised and creates its own league! 

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video

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