Permanent Roommates season 3 review: Tanya and Mikesh take us on a perfect heartwarming nostalgic ride!

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Permanent Roommates season 3

Permanent Roommates season 3

Permanent Roommates season 3 review: The OG couple of the internet, Mikesh and Tanya returns only to take us back in time while also teaching a lesson in growing up! 

Permanent Roommates season 3 review: Permanent Roommates was one of the first series of TVF and, for a lot of us, the start of the OTT era much before it became popular with the giants. Tanya and Mikesh, with all of that low-budget experimental filmmaking and box-sized locations, made us feel relatable while making us laugh at the most mundane things in life. This was not just the show that brought a huge change for TVF but also for the millennials as we found that our real life could be cinema as well. With season 3, the show comes back after 7 years, and it feels like nothing has changed! 

But not the entire old team is back as PR was created by Biswapati Sarkar and Sameer Saxena but this time around the ship was held by Shreyansh Pandey, Shreya Shrivastava, and Vaibhav Suman, though nothing seems lost rather just like a TVF pattern in shows a greater sense of emotions, perspective and depth is added. Tanya and Mikesh have well settled into their life and have finally become full-fledged permanent roommates. But as usual of the couple finding themselves torn apart while still staying together, Mikesh is content in his mundane life with a set pattern but Tanya feels bored of it and has bigger aspirations of moving abroad. Hence the entire tussle is created where Mikesh with his own childish ways tries to stop the adamant Tanya who is determined on her plans. 

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A tombola party that disrupts an important meeting or a role-play that goes wrong to a realisation of a son's responsibility or two widowers finding solace in friendship. This season packs a solid punch with a flavor of nostalgia with all its old charm with its cast and tone. But at the same time, there is a realisation that things have changed. Given that we have seen Sumeet Vyas in so much stuff since PR, you would think that his returning to the same old fun charming man-child would be hard but the actor eases into it amazingly. And I have missed Nidhi Singh's apt portrayal of a woman who is practical yet all heart and has to manage everything even her man. But Purushottam ji (Deepak Kumar Mishra) is still the best comic relief! Sheeba Chaddha as always is a gem that adds so much weight that she almost steals the show away. Her with Sachin Pilgaonkar is a sweet old age-building friendship that is unmissable. 

Permanent Roommates started with Mikesh coming from the US and now life has come full circle as Tanya moves away. If anything, PR season 3 makes you realise that when everything seems to have changed after you have lived a life and seen so many things yet there are always some things that remain the same. The way they deal with themes like grief and goodbyes is therapeutic in a sense. Because the emotional breakdown and the final bid adieu is not something you are just watching but you feel it!

There is no official announcement that the show finally ends with this season but the way they have left it feels like Mikesh and Tanya came back one last time to bid us a proper bittersweet goodbye, telling you that just because it has to end doesn't mean it wasn't good! 

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