The Fall Guy review: Fun entertainer filled with action, romance, and movie magic!

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The Fall Guy

In the action-packed world of David Leitch's 'The Fall Guy,' stunt performers take the spotlight, blending humour with thrilling stunts and heartfelt romance.

When a film hits theatres, the spotlight naturally falls on the actors and directors. If the film impresses, writers may also receive recognition. However, often overlooked are the technicians, whose contributions may shine only during awards season. But who truly remains unnoticed? The stunt performers. It's their craft to blend seamlessly into the action, risking their lives for that adrenaline rush on screen. Yet, they do so without seeking recognition. Personally, I have reservations about violence and perilous stunts, even in the name of entertainment but for those who revel in movie fights and daring stunts, 'The Fall Guy' might just be a delight!

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Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling), a stunt double for actor Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), retreats into hiding following a serious on-set injury. However, a year later, producer Gail Meyer (Hannah Waddingham) contacts him to find the missing Tom in Australia. Colt reluctantly agrees, motivated by his lingering feelings for Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt), the director of Tom's film 'Metalstorm' and Colt's major crush. Now, Colt finds himself on a mission to rescue Tom, salvage Jody's film, and perhaps rekindle the romance he left behind.

As expected, the pilot keeps it simple but it lacks a bit of originality. However, the film is kept intact by Gosling’s nonchalant acting and hilarious comic timing. We often attach stunts with toxic, violent masculinity. Colt is a tough guy on the outside but a total softie at heart. He acknowledges his inferiority complex and is the kind of partner every rom-com dreamer wishes for. He will light himself on fire numerous times if she asks, get beaten up and still attend karaoke for her, and most importantly, put his life in danger so that her dream stays afloat. If Colt can pick up Jody’s call amidst a dangerous adventure, so can the guy you love; Colt raised the bar high. Jody is no damsel in distress though. She is ready to kick love to the curb if it doesn't respect her and is deeply devoted to her dreams. Moreover Blunt plays Jody with restraint and finesse. All the other characters, though, are caricatures. However, they have been played humorously and convincingly.

The standout quality of The Fall Guy is its refusal to take itself too seriously. While it does give due credit to the importance of stunt teams in movies, it also indulges in playful mockery across the board. From poking fun at the vanity of actors and celebrities to exposing the manipulation and exploitation by producers, it hilariously navigates the absurdities of filmmaking. Via Jody’s ‘Metalstorm,’ the film laughs at itself constantly. And it’s the ability of the film to laugh at itself that makes us laugh with it. By the end, you find yourself fully invested in the characters, cheering them on through every thrilling stunt.

The film attempts cinematic innovation but falls short. It blends stunts with quirky visuals like neon wardrobe, unicorns, sparks, and flowers, even featuring a stunt-performing dog. The characters, unknowingly, live Metalstorm while discussing it. Via Metalstorm, this film talks to you about stunts, exposition, split screen, third act, and more. However, these tricks are more fun and less innovative. The Fall Guy name-drops Hollywood classics like Rocky, Pretty Woman, Thelma and Louise, and Notting Hill, though these references feel overly direct and abundant. The surprise cameo may not resonate with audiences less familiar with 1980s Hollywood. The Amber-Johnny joke is also particularly distasteful. However, these are minor setbacks in an otherwise delightful film that will have you smiling throughout - even in the most tense scenes. 

The Fall Guy is currently playing in theatres.

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