Ria Prakash is recreating Bollywood songs and these will totally make your day

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Ever thought of watching your favorite Bollywood songs with different characters? It's a completely different experience. Check it out now!

There is a Bollywood movie/song lover in all of us. We still listen to songs like Bole Chudiyan or Sajan Ji Ghar Aaye and break into dance moves from these numbers. Be it a wedding or a sangeet, some songs are must dance to tunes. I still remember wanting to wear the outfit Kareena Kapoor Khan wore in Bole Chudiyan and dance to the song. After all, it's an amazing song and the video is even more perfect with a bit of a family sequence towards the end.

Ever since we've listened to these songs and watched the music video, we've wanted to copy them or maybe even find a partner who could dance with us. We always wanted to emulate these songs in terms of clothes or the overall look of the song. In fact, we watched some of the songs on the loop only because of their music videos.

In fact, there are a lot of people overseas who express their love for Bollywood songs be it upbeat tunes or romantic tracks. Bollywood has always been getting global love but the way some people express it is just beautiful! We are talking about a popular YouTuber from Indonesia, Ria Prakash, who along with her team has been re-creating Bollywood tracks and she's totally nailing it. She has over 276K subscribers and 2.2M views on her videos. What we like about her videos is the fact that it takes us back to those days when these songs had released and we could just listen to them all day. She's also paying an ode to the actors and directors who have put in so much effort to make these songs look so perfect which is what is most endearing about her videos apart from them being entertaining.

Get ready to witness some cool recreated versions of some of the most popular and iconic Bollywood songs by Ria Prakash

Which of these is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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