Beards came back, BIG TIME. Not many of us know how, or can pinpoint a specific time when they realized that ‘Okay, beards are back!’. I know, and I also know the guy who should share the credit for bringing beards back. His name is Ricki Hall and OMG!

The man with the most astonishingly fuzzy face sweater I have ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes upon! Ricki Hall makes me wonder if he borrowed that magnificent chin from a grizzly bear. I have spent a better part of the past few years of my life, obsessively liking every picture he shares on Instagram, and no, I’m not crazy; he’s just beautiful.

A model by profession, Ricki Hall has endorsed the likes of Diesel, H&M, Paul Smith and more, and he also enjoys honing his barber skills as a recreational activity. Famous for his now iconic bushy beard, and a haircut I desperately tried to emulate, but yeah you can imagine how that crashed and burned. My admiration for Ricki Hall became accompanied by respect when he admitted to having a drinking problem, addressed and triumphed over it by building an insanely buff physique that proved me wrong about one thing.

“Can this man really look any better!?”

Boy was I wrong, because he sure can. He really, really, really can. Oh yeah, he has more tattoos than times I’ve decided to get one and backed out, which is a LOT.

1. Promise me you’re going to scroll past this picture. You gotta promise.


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2. Know any supermodels that like to moonlight as barbers? Yeah I thought not.

3. *heavy breathing*

4. That old school Kodak feel is driving me crazy!

5. The progress picture of triumph.

On the left few years ago when I was in LA and probably in the darkest point of my addictions. I would barely eat because I wanted to drink and be high constantly. When I did eat it was junk. I was a mess. My life was unmanageable. I was on the verge of dying. But when you’re that far into addictions you couldn’t give a shit. You don’t see it. Thank God I snapped out of it with having amazing people and family around me to help. But you have to do it for yourself. You have a to be a little selfish and put yourself first. @jamescooper901 has done amazing job getting me back into shape in and out the gym, sorting my diet out and giving me the structure I desperately needed. Big love to @vix_style @_stephni_ @iammarcbelle for putting up with my shitty self for those awful years when I was a complete and utter wrong’un and helping me so much. On the Right was few days ago. I’m happy, I have structure in my life. My work and career is back on track. I have love for myself now, and therefore it allows people to love me. Have a great Sunday guys. Remember, it’s never over.

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6. Just going to leave this out here!

7. Am I jealous? Am I impresses? Yes.

@hatrats AW17 Campaign shot by @josephsinclair Styled by @vix_style MUA @zoelmoore

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8. So he grew his hair out, and donated it to the Little Princess Trust. Top lad!

Donating my hair to @officiallittleprincesstrust Head shaved by @kevinluchmun

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9. Do I need to say something here? Really? 

10. Man buns are repulsive unless he does it. I have one exception. ONE.

11. Chilling with the 

?????? #hove

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12. That’s classy.

@debonairmagazine shot by @jrowley1 styled by @nataliehhowell hair by @splitenz

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13. He looks prepared for a streetfight. I would watch.

14. Some Norse God type stuff 

Shot by @hannah_miles_ in @thy_barber at @bikeshedmc

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15. *passes out*

@tagliatoreofficial AW/17 Campaign

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16. *passes out more*

? by @charlesmoriarty

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? by @mrollieali ?

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18. Are thy ovaries exploding yet, ladies?

19. *brings out the inhaler*

@liveandlove_official A/W16 Campaign.

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20. Some BTS Ricki for you.

21. Last but not the least.

I ALWAYS stop for ?

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