Rida Tharana is an emerging creator on Instagram known for her empowering content on digital platforms that deal with smashing the patriarchy and creating an unapologetic life for today’s youth.

Sometimes all we need is to hear someone voice out opinions that we’re all thinking about but not saying out loud. Usually because of the lack of courage to do so and if we don’t really have an audience. If content creation has done anything, it has given voice and an audience to people who aren’t afraid to be in front of the camera to share something out loud with the world. But not everyone has an understanding of how these tools can be used as an asset and say something worthy enough of this platform. And that’s where Rida Tharana stands out! She isn’t afraid of being her unapologetic self on the internet! And that is why she’s one of those few content creators who are the perfect dose of daily entertainment with a voice!

Her Reels have inspired people to follow their dreams in the face of mundane obstacles that rarely get called out as the norm of the world. And with growing followership of over 616k followers, she is recognized as one of the power-packed creators who stands up for women’s agency and independent choices. This 23-year-old creator is also a staunch advocate of mental health with her active association with many mental-health support networks.

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She was born and brought up in Coorg. She moved to Bengaluru to pursue her higher studies after her schooling. Her majors included a specialization in Biotechnology and Genetics. And as a multipotentialite (people with multiple potentials), she is also known for her presence as a public speaker, an emcee, and a model along with running a thrift business. Rida was previously working in the corporate world in an MNC based in Bengaluru, where she worked a regular 9 to 5 job before starting off as a full-time creator.

Talking about what inspires her to voice her opinions to the world, Rida says, “My younger self inspires me to say my opinions out loud. I hate the fact of how I would let things slide or wouldn’t stand up for myself during certain instances and I do not want to feel that way anymore. I feel very strong and powerful when I place my opinion… feels like little Rida is heard”

But voicing out opinions isn’t always easy in this world where anonymity allows people to troll someone who they don’t agree with. There is no denying the fact that while the internet has given immense power it also has some side effects. And currently, we’re living in a world where everyone is too quick to judge. In such a world, how is it that Rida deals with the backlash or trolls considering that most of her content is opinion pieces? Rida does not really care. “People have the right to disagree and form an opinion of their own. But that doesn’t allow them to disrespect me or troll me. As I said, it doesn’t affect me anymore however, I will not things slide if someone is trying to be a bully or is disrespectful.. healthy conversations can always be a way.”

But other than opinion pieces, advising you, and raising her voice for a just cause, Rida doesn’t shy away from creating some fun and entertaining content as well. Whether she’s just singing a song, dressing up, or just simply busy living her life, she doesn’t forget that at the end of the day, all we really do need is a breather. So she doesn’t fail to provide us with a dose of entertainment by just simply being her!

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