Rishi Kapoor stirs up a lot of quarrels on Twitter apart from being in the news for his indelible performances in his extensive acting career.

Using the platform to voice his opinions, the 66-year-old veteran actor has spoken everything from political matters to socio-economic affairs. Looking at his judgements on statements from notable personalities, Rishi Kapoor doesn’t seem to be vocal about these subjects.

Though people don’t understand that two individuals might have differing opinions, they decided to pass remarks on his opinions and it goes back and forth. On his birthday, we traverse through his Twitter handle and get our hands on some of the landmark tweets that caught the attention of many.

Political views….

Sports enthusiast or insolent?

Projecting a social issue or causing distraction from defeat?

Honest feedbacks

His thoughts are logical though

Using twitter for spreading awareness is noble

Keeping it real

Appreciation is worth admiration

Something every son longs to hear



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