Rocket Boys 2 and Ghosted trailer has got us really excited for them to be released soon!

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Rocket Boys 2 and Ghosted

Two trailers, one of a highly anticipated Indian series, Rocket Boys 2, and Ghosted, an English film starring Chris Evans and Ana De Armas, have really got me the jitters!

March seems to me like a highly exciting time as first there is Holi- the festival of colors. And second so many of our favorite content and stars have their releases planned. Now, Ted Lasso 3 was already announced to be released on March 15 on Apple TV+ when another announcement also came. Ghosted, an action-packed rom-com starring Chris Evans and Ana De Armas will be releasing on April 21 on the platform. And Rocket Boys had already announced that their second season was releasing in March but they hadn't revealed the date. But as the trailer came out we all know to gear up for March 16 as that is when season two of Rocket Boys will be launched on SonyLIV. Both these trailers of Rocket Boys 2 and Ghosted have got me really excited! In terms of what they have to offer with their cast and content.

Rocket Boys 2 Trailer

Rocket Boys 2 is the story of independent India’s formative years, as the country is amidst turbulence with belligerent political hostility, changing hands of power within the country and international agencies keeping a close watch on the country’s ambition. The trailer shows a thrilling narrative of the incredible life and times of Dr. Homi J. Bhabha (played by Jim Sarbh), Dr. Vikram Sarabhai (played by Ishwak Singh), and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (Arjun Radhakrishnan), as they wade through challenges and difficulties on their mission to make India a nuclear nation. The trailer has left everyone in awe so much so that we cannot wait for the series on the screen soon enough. And of course Indira Gandhi!

Ghosted Trailer

Chris Evans and Ana De Armas come together once again after Knives Out. Only this time they bring the story of a regular farm boy, Chris Evans who falls head over heels for Ana De Armas, a CIA undercover agent. At first, he didn't know she is an agent but his big romantic gesture of flying out 5000 miles to London turns out into quite an adventurous life-altering trip altogether. The interesting combination of high-packed action with actors that are highly popular for it mixed with a sweet rom-com and the fact that it is coming from the makers of Deadpool and Top Gun Maverick is bound to give you the jitters!

Now we can only hope that both of these highly anticipated content hold up to the bar they set for themselves through their trailers. Which one of the titles is you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below!

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