Rohan Joshi is team Milo! And Twitter does not seem to like it

Aishwaria Sonavane
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Rohan Joshi is team Milo! And Twitter does not seem to like it
If ads were to be believed, Boost was the secret of a LOT of kids' energy, and every child was a Complan Girl or Boy, Bournvita was all about tann and mann ki shakti, and Milo, well they gave away cricket bats (not taking sides). Any favourites?

Twitterati is just as torn as you are.

All India Bakchod's Rohan Joshi shared with the Twitter world how he prefers the drink Milo and then that was it...

He clearly offended plenty of Bournvita lovers

There were some Twitteratis who tried to push it

But Twitter has some serious Bournvita fans who did not hold back to stand by it

Rohan Joshi finally cracked the code as to why we will never unite as a planet

And guess who decided to contribute to the conversation

But Joshi finally decided to take a poll and end the topic

Only the final poll results will tell us who became the favourite drink of Twitter. Are you listening Bournvita and Milo?

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