These rom-com parodies by Caroline Klidonas will make you feel things

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Caroline Klidonas's rom-com parodies

Check out how these rom-com parodies by Caroline Klidonas are helping us live all the meet-cute and romantic nuances we are looking for in our lives.

Who is not a fan of romantic comedies? Everyone loves 'love' and can spend hours or weeks even watching two people fall in love in a wholly coincidental, dreamy, and completely fictional way. Rom-coms have been a piece of cinema that people never fail to find the charm in. You can always go back and watch the same movie and feel butterflies in your stomach just like you did the first time. We know our hearts still can't handle Anna saying, 'I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy..' or stop ourselves from bawling at Aman reading a love letter from an empty diary. And by the looks of it, rom-com parodies by Caroline Klidonas seem to have managed to crack the recipe.

Is it possible to have romantic chemistry with ourselves? Because if there is anyone who has proved that it is, it's content creator Caroline Klidonas. The creator who is popular on TikTok rose to fame with her scripted stories on the short video platform. With a BFA in Acting from Elon University, Caroline loves movies and it is not a secret. She hasn't just spent time watching them but has also studied the magic that makes these movies a favourite. She has perfected the art of making a rom-com by adding a little bit of satire and love for the same. The chemistry between Caroline and, well, herself is so magical that we end up rooting for the characters to end up together. Which is weird because we are technically rooting for the same person. We cannot help but nod in agreement when we see the same cliche moments, looks and dialogues that make a romantic comedy, all the while smiling and falling for the characters. She has shared a bunch of her interpretations of some classic rom-com scenarios and we have listed down a few that you definitely cannot miss.

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Here are some of our favourites!

One Night Stand Roommate Rom-Com

Corporate Rom-Com

New Year's Eve Rom-Com

The sexual tension in every spy movie

Shopping montage in a rom-com

Classic friends-to-lovers

Wedding interruption in rom-coms

Bedside confessions

Elevator scene

What is your favourite kind of romantic comedy to watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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