Romantic scenes from shows that made us want to text our Ex

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romantic scenes from shows

Romance has a reputation for being cheesy and making one feel special. Our series and shows have also given us some of these special moments. We have listed a few of our favourite romantic scenes from shows, so romantic that we miss our EX.

Movies have always played a huge part in all of our romantic lives. When thinking of romance we find ourselves imagining someone stretching his arms for us as Shah Ruk Khan does for his heroine or things to move in slow motion with wind flowing through our hair etc. The gestures are sometimes too grand, too unrealistic but mostly leave us smiling, don't they? And it's not just the movies, our favorite series and shows also don't seem to shy away from capturing heart-melting romance on-screen from time to time. We're the youth of today and love how realism has takes precedence over a Mills and Boon kind of story but you can't deny that the romantic scenes do manage to tug at your heart strings just a little. Especially for those of us who are single or have recently been through a breakup. There have been a bunch of romantic and passionate moments in shows that made us go awww while also tempting us to grab our phones and text our Ex and tell them how much you miss them. We have made a list of these romantic scenes from shows that we can't over. Warning: We are not responsible for anyone texting their lame Ex. Focus on LAME EX. But enjoy the blog!

Check out these romantic scenes from shows for major feels:

Almost all of Jack's grand gestures reminding Rebecca why he loves her so much on This Is Us


Grizz learning sign so he could speak with Sam in The Society

Ted and Robin breaking up on How I Met Your Mother.

All the Dhruv and Kavya moments from Little Things

Grey Worm on Game of Thrones confessed to Missandei that she's his weakness.

Derek and Meredith getting married via a Post-It note on Grey's Anatomy

Aman and Tanya's first virtual date from Firsts - It was all heart, wasn't it?

When Nick and Jess finally end up together in New Girl

Alyssa and James's moment from The End Of The Fucking World

Michael proposing to Holly in a Yoda voice on The Office

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Monica and Chandler's proposal on Friends

Uff, and Rachel getting off the plane

Karan's "Can't believe I have only loved you" moment from Made In Heaven

How The Sex Scenes Of Made In Heaven Were Shot

When Jake and Amy got married at the 99th precinct

Mikesh and Tanya's proposal

Shiv Prakash's surprise birthday wish for Babita in Rangbaaz

Seriously, do not text them!

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