Rosamund Pike talks about her role and her understanding of the Amazon Original series, The Wheel of Time currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

The Wheel of Time is the latest offering on Prime Video and has been the talk of the town for making the unimaginable fantasy world come true. It is currently one of the most popular and enduring fantasy shows which have been loved by all. The cinematic visuals and epic magic tricks are just breathtaking. Starring as a lead in this show, Rosamund Pike yet again proved her versatile and on-point acting skills. Further from the appreciation received for her role as Moraine, she talks about her role and her understanding of the Amazon Original series The Wheel of Time.

Talking about her role as Moraine she said, “It was very intriguing to me to be that person who you don’t know whether to trust or to be wary of. It’s never clear whether Moraine is a force of good or evil,” says Pike. “And you don’t really know where you stand with her. She can be critical, she can be warm, she can be emotional, she can be guarded. I think Moiraine has a cause, she has a mission, and that is her driving force; that comes even before her own happiness or her own desires in life. Her life-or-death quest here is to seek out the Dragon Reborn and take him to face the Dark One, fully cognizant that the ensuing battle between the two will either be the making or the breaking of the world. Moiraine, however, will not know whether the Dragon Reborn is a force of good or evil until that time.” Adding to that she decodes what is her understanding about the series, she said, “The Wheel of Time is weaving this pattern of life, as you would have it, and many of the threads of the pattern are all pre-written for us. It’s like our lives are predestined but there are some people who have crept up in the world, who have the ability to change the pattern. And it’s around those people that patterns change, and forces change, and history can go off in a different direction.”                   

New episodes are available to stream weekly on Fridays. The fantasy series will be available in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu only on Prime Video.

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