Desi boy, Roshan Nausad is an active LGBTQIA+ member who loves flaunting their make-up skills and sass to tell the world about their confident tales.

It’s pride month and there is nothing better than listening to the inspiring stories of the LGBTQIA+ members. Fighting the world to be accepted with love, recognised with respect and welcomed with compassion, they are changing the world with one perspective at a time. It’s irrelevant to even argue that every person deserves respect because that is something basic and fundamental that we need to abide by. To be battling for such equality requires courage. And makeup artist Roshan Nausad is an incredible example of inspiration personified.

Roshan Nausad, who was born in Delhi but later immigrated to Australia is a professional and passionate makeup artist whose art speaks louder than words and their words are pretty inspiring too!

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Name: Roshan Nausad Place Of Birth: Delhi India Date Of Birth: 10/10/1998 “21 Today” We all should be grateful, why? Because you never know when you’ll go. Appreciate every day and even when it gets hard it does get better. Be yourself and never allow society or your own family to tear your dreams apart and never be someone you’re not to fit in. The right people will choose to be your friend evacuee you have something unique to offer in the friendship, because being unique isn’t a weakness it’s a strength! Don’t allow your conservative culture or background stop you from embracing your sexuality and exploring yourself. Love who you are inside first before loving yourself on the outside and is my going to last forever, what’s on the inside is way more precious. Xoxo – P.S Happy Birthday to me. __________________________________ Collaborations: Makeup Eyeshadow: @bilibeauty Jewellery: @indiabythread Bindi Accessories: @bindibabeonline #indiabeauty#desiboy#birthdayboy#birthdaymonth#beauty#makeup#model#desifashion#editorialfsshion#editorialphotoshoot#10101998

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We recently caught up with Roshan Nausad and got the opportunity to peek into their extremely creative mind. Here’s how the conversation went…

1. You have been voicing your opinion for the LGBTQ community for quite some time now. What made you raise your voice for the first time?

“I am the kind of person to always raise awareness for those who are minorities and vulnerable in a way I was growing up. Being an Indian, a feminine, and a gay person was hard for me since being different wasn’t always accepted. My passion is to help people and to build my own brown, LGBT community for those to learn to respect themselves and others.  The LGBT community for me is a representation and reflection of all walks of life. We shouldn’t pick and choose who we think is more deserving of support and love.”

2. A historical law was passed a year back, decriminalizing homosexuality. What do you expect next from the judiciary for the community?

“When section 377 was abolished, I watched it happen live and I cried tears of happiness. I remember saying to myself, ‘finally, a step in the right direction!’ Personally, I believe our community has a long way to go to accept those who don’t identify as ‘straight’ or ‘male.’ Our community is caught up in the problematic idea that men should be dominant and women should be submissive.  We still don’t have a true concept or understanding of women’s rights and gender equality, let alone marriage equality which is exactly what I and millions of others would love to see in our lifetime. Marriage shouldn’t be seen as a privilege, but rather a basic human right. If people are against the LGBTQIA+ community to have love and marriage and they’re willing to scream against it then I say we scream even louder until they hear us.”

3. Pride month is one of the biggest festivals for the community, how do you plan to celebrate it while in a lockdown situation?

“Personally, I have never really been an individual that celebrates pride. I have, yes. However, it’s not a celebration I involve myself in every time. I find our LGBT community to be quite problematic and hypocritical at times. The whole gender play, masculinity, and racial discrimination is still an issue. It’s a very selective and judgmental community here in Australia. I choose not to involve myself in a community that constantly puts people down when the sole purpose of the community is to bring people together, not leave them out. However, I love to celebrate,  bring awareness, and work on projects to help further acceptance of all people.”

4. How often do you attend Pride Parades in Mumbai? How do you feel about the local community here?

“I actually purposely made the trip to Mumbai for pride. It was exciting to see how many amazing young people came together to celebrate a cause that is so important or the Indian community. And seeing everyone’s beautiful faces light up when they see other people that look like them. Quite honestly, it brought tears to my eyes, because I could see it means so much to people in India. I am so privileged that I live in Australia where sexuality isn’t even an issue and I can walk around and be whatever I want and wear whatever I want. However, I know so many young people in India who do not have that. I see it getting better though and I’m optimistic for the future.”

5. What would you say to a person who is not sure about their gender or sexual identity?

“People always assume my gender. I am male by birth but, I do prefer being identified as ‘they/them’ and sexuality; gay. I don’t really care about my sexuality. It doesn’t define me. I am just…Roshan.”

6. How do you plan to support the LGBTQ community, create awareness, and break stereotypes?

“By collaborating, working on projects, making videos and managing my social media, writing to brands and creating content is something that I am very passionate about. I love to work with organizations and platforms that empower young people to be proud of who they are. If you have a platform, it is necessary to use it to bring about positive change and help support people. Making more films with real-life LGBTQIA+ identifying people and creating safe spaces for people to come together and feel like they are seen, heard, and understood is paramount. Normalizing the conversation about LGBTQIA+ rights and not being afraid to discuss it with people you know also very important.”

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??????????: ????? ?? ?? ??????????? ??? ???? ?? ???? ????. ???? ?????? ???????. ??? ????: "??????????" _______________________________________________________ Finally! Finally uploading my Mumbai Pride photos. Such a wonderful day, filled with memories I will never forget. I am so blessed to have made such beautiful friendships on mu two week holiday and I can wait to see you all again! (IF YOU SEE YOURSELF IN THESE PHOTO TAG YOURSELF IN THE COMMENTS BELOW SO I CAN MENTION YOU IN THE POST). • • • • • • • @lgbtmumbai special thanks to @shrushti.ashok.mane for being such a LGBT representative. • • • • • • • #mumbaipride#indiapride#lgbt#LGBTMUMBAI#RAINBOW#LOVEISLOVE#DESIPRIDE#INDIATRAVEL#culture

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7. We are seeing a lot of young activists coming up and speaking for the community. How do you feel about the fellow LGBTQ activists?

“I believe everyone is doing an amazing job! Young people are doing incredibly well in shedding light on the issue through creative makeup, dance, art, videos or pictures. It’s inspiring to see so many people embracing LGBT rights because I did not witness that support when I was growing up. I am so glad that people are now showing their support in any way.”

8. Do you have any message for the Straight allies?

“Do not use religion or your upbringing to justify your opinion towards the LGBTQIA+ community. The best way to understand those from different walks of life and backgrounds is to meet and engage with new people and to not be afraid to make friendships with anyone. You’ll find we are just like you. We want the same things; love, compassion, empathy and equal rights. Stand up for your friends who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community when people hurt us. Self educate and learn by reading books, watching movies and documentaries too.”

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