A round-up of trending news that you may have missed this week

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Are the wedding bells ringing? What's the latest TikTok trend? Take a look at all the trending news that happened in the past few weeks all around the internet.

A lot has happened over the past few weeks and all over the internet that we can't ignore or turn our heads away from. While you may be busy at something there are chances you might have missed out on some interesting news that happened. But guys, don't you worry we've got you covered. As we step into the weekend we made a list of various news that got our attention in the past few weeks. Check out all these trending news in order to keep yourself updated.

Here's a list of all the trending news that got the netizens talking:

Comedian Kunal Kamra got banned by three prominent airlines after his encounter with TV anchor Arnab Goswami

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Matthew Perry joined Instagram











Rumours of Alia-Ranbir wedding started doing the rounds







              People are doing their swag walk on tiktok

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine finally dropped the 7th season

Donald Trump was acquitted from the impeachment charges

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India reported its first case of Coronavirus in Kerala

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Income tax raids 77 crores from South Indian actor Vijay starrer Bigil's financer

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Rahul Gandhi once again made it as a meme template

Which update caught your attention the last few days?

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