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Larissa’s new music video debut to Neel’s Dubai trip, brush through this week’s roundup of creator news

Mondays are not fun and we have established that over the years. The day becomes even more boring and hard to step into when you've had an amazing weekend. As we sit in front of our laptops, jotting down all the work for the week, we know it's difficult to not scroll through Instagram in between. Creators and their content has become our way to escape in the midst of Zoom meetings and stressing about deadlines.

And here's what we've learned from this weekend - Larissa made her acting debut with a music video titled 'Marjawaan' that she will be starring in along with Nakul Roshan Sahdev and she shared her excitement about the same. The new creator trio Neel, Karan Sonawane, and Saurabh Ghadge went on a trip to Dubai and Kusha Kapila went to New York. They made sure to make a bunch of content during their trips giving us more reason to laugh and also feel like crap about working while people are vacationing. Motovlogger, Nikhil Sharma celebrated his court marriage with his wife, Shanice Shrestha.

And here's everything else that happened over the weekend!

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