Here's how our favorite creators celebrated Raksha Bandhan

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From our popular creator sibling duo to their OOTD, take a look at this roundup of creators celebrating Raksha Bandhan over the weekend.

Siblings are the friends we never got to pick; they were just handed to us. And despite all our fights, subtle bullying and the ‘mummy loves me more than you’ debates, the equation we share with them is unimaginable. There's nothing stronger than the bond we share with our siblings! On Sunday, everyone celebrated Raksha Bandhan with people they cherish, promising to love and protect each other for the rest of their lives. While we had our share of fun gatherings with our cousins and relatives, our favourite digital celebrities had theirs too. As usual they took to Instagram to share their love for their siblings and celebrated Raksha Bandhan with the rest of us in the process.

If you missed out on their weekend posts, check out this roundup for it all!

How was your Raksha Bandhan celebration? Let us know in the comments below.

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