Bibliophiles(& some casual readers) have taken on Twitter to give alterations to the title of famous books and give us a few laughs with #RuinFamousBooks. 

Books are a man’s best friend (dogs are too) and many famous books may have imparted knowledge, or provided intellectual objective or presented an uncommon perspective but these tweets are not about thereof.

Reading these tweets won’t ruin your favorite books(for life), but will make you see that the same words that made these books what they are, can also make them what they shouldn’t be(if it needs to be taken seriously).

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Moby Dick was a fan favorite, for obvious reasons that can surround the creativity around(the name) but other classics were not spared either.

Take a look at ruined titles of famous books.

But the BEST way to ruin a book (obviously)is…….

Get creative and ruin a famous book with #RuinFamousBooks.

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