Ryan Gosling sketches out The Gray Man character's journey from being under control to taking control

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Ryan Gosling talks about his character in The Gray Man and how it made him want to make movies!

Netflix is coming up with yet another treat for the lovers of action drama and this time with none other than the maestros of blockbuster action, The Russo Brothers with their upcoming film The Gray Man starring Ryan Gosling as the Gray Man himself. 

Sierra Six aka The Gray Man is a trained assassin part of CIA’s top secret Sierra program who was recruited from a federal prison. He’s highly skilled and one of the best, but things change making Sierra Six the target of the CIA and a global manhunt. 


Feeling excited for the audience to watch this film, Ryan tells how much he would have loved such a film growing up. He said, “Personally, it’s the kind of film that I would have loved growing up. It’s the kind of film that made me want to make movies. It has such an amazing cast and it walks such an interesting tonal line. It gives you all of the larger-than-life action sequences and set pieces, but at the same time you get to follow these characters.”


The Gray Man would be a new experience for all the Ryan Gosling fans across the world to see him in a never-seen-before avatar in a Russo Brothers’ action thriller.

Mark your dates! Ryan Gosling as The Gray Man is coming on July 22 on Netflix!

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