Sacred Games memes that would make you wish the show came even sooner!

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Sacred Games memes

Kabhi, Kabhin lagta hai apun hi Bhagwaan hai... This line brings back memories of an action-packed mind-boggling Indian series - Netflix's Sacred Games. And after pestering Netflix almost every day to bring it back, we're finally gonna have Season 2 on 15th August! And these Sacred Games memes are getting us all excited.

After Game of Thrones, Netflix's Sacred Games had set the internet ablaze. And now that the trailers and cast looks of season 2 are out, it seems that the show is going to be showered with even more love this time around!

Netflix is also giving in to the buzz and hyping it up even more by sharing relatable Sacred Games memes!

Check out these Sacred Games memes:

And here are some hilarious others from the first season to bring the memories back:

1. Oh! Lord of the Light, have some mercy...

2. Bowled out even the magician!!

3. Lo lag gayi aag!!!!

4. When Baburao negotiates with the God

5. That is so relatable!!!!

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6. Valar Morghulis? LOL!!

7. Payback time.. Bitch!!

8. When Don Corleone is refused...

9. Bang On!!

10. Beware of the 'Cuckoo'

With Sacred Games, we have proved that we can come up with shows as good as Game of Thrones and Narcos. Long Live Sacred Games!

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