These organic alternative are here to ensure you are as comfortable as you can be during your period.

With the invention of tampons and pads, feminine hygiene has become extremely easy and convenient, but every convenient thing comes with a price. An average woman uses about 16,000 pads or tampons during the course of her life and that’s when this becomes a problem. The sheer number of these pads or tampons is disastrous from an environmental perspective. They end up in landfills or the Earth’s oceans creating catastrophic effects on marine life. Which is why we need to look at save organic alternatives to use during menstruation.

The pads that we use not only cause adverse effects to the environment, but also to our health. Despite what the commercials say, these pads or tampons aren’t 100% cotton. As advertised, they are extremely absorbent but they contain special chemicals and ingredients that help increase the absorption quality.

Since the pads or tampons are worn for over hours and are in close proximity to intimate areas, there’s a high probability of absorption through skin and seeping in through the thin vaginal walls.

Now that you’ve understood the adverse implications of using tampons and pads, the next obvious question is regarding organic products. Switching to natural options is not only safe, but also reduce environmental waste.

Check out some of the safer organic alternatives that you can use –

1. Menstrual Cup
Menstrual cups can be folded and inserted into the vagina. They are designed with a suction apparatus so they stay inside the vagina at all times and prevent the flow from exiting the body. They can be re-used multiple times and cleaning them is absolutely easy. You can choose this from the many options available online.

2. Organic Pads
They are available to purchase from Amazon and they are 100% organic. This option is perfect for someone who wants to stick to the convenience of pads. Plus, they cost nearly as much as the regular options.

3. Cloth Pads
If menstrual cups isn’t your ideal choice, cloth pads could be an easier option for you. You could DIY it or even order home-made cloth pads online. They come with waterproof liners that won’t let the flow seep out. With cloth pads, you could go for reusable options or disposal ones.

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4. Tampons
Treat your Vajayay with extra love and care and make sure you give it the best and organic options out there. If tampons are more your speed to get through your period every month then, make sure it’s organic.

5. Period Underwear
As the name suggests, these are underwears that can be worn during periods. They look like regular underwear but come with an inner lining that absorbs and prevents the blood flow from escaping. They provide amazing coverage, and are easy to use as well!

6. Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray

With these safe organic alternatives, you can limit the harmful chemicals from entering your body and at the same time, protect the environment!