Indian lifestyle and fashion bloggers, Saili Satwe and Shifa Merchant share their tips on how to do a smokey sparkles eye makeup look.

It’s pretty impossible to not mess up when you’re trying your hand at makeup looks you came across on Instagram. Influencers or beauty bloggers always make it look super easy until we pick up the brush and try it ourselves. But despite all these failed attempts, we never stop and try our best to make it look as close to theirs as possible. Makeup is definitely an art, one that needs creativity, care, and utmost patience. No matter how hard it may seem, there are some tips that can make it easy and doable. Indian lifestyle and fashion bloggers Saili Satwe and Shifa Merchant share their tips on how to put on that smoked sparkles eye makeup look the next time you want to try your hand at something new!

Here’s what they had to say:

By Saili Satwe, lifestyle and fashion creator on Trell,

“Smokey eye tutorial is one look that everyone wants to nail when it comes to the world of beauty. And these tips will help you achieve it! After all, smokey eyes are supposed to be the rebellious, rock ‘n’ roll alternative to meticulously neat makeup. But, there’s a delicate balance to be struck between looking “sexily dishevelled” and just plain. The key is to always keep the darkest point at the lash line. It keeps the makeup really modern and fresh and ensures you are drawing more attention to the eyes. Always keep it simple! 

Stick to no more than 3 shadows and a liner to pop your eyes. ‘Blending is my friend’ is a mantra to chant. Brushes are super important to get that blend. When it comes to a smokey eye, it doesn’t matter how dark you go, or what colors you use, it’s how well you can blend the liner and shadow. That’s what gives it that sultry look for occasions like dates and night outs with your girls. Start by applying a mid-tone shadow all over the lid. Opt for greys, browns, or heathers to create a subtle smokey look. Apply a liner along the lash line, and make sure you’re coating and depositing color between the lashes to instantly pop the eye.

Make sure you smoke it out with an eyeshadow brush before it sets because once it does, it won’t budge all night. Layer a dark tone shadow like espresso, charcoal, or smoke over the liner, blending halfway up the lid and into the lid shadow. Apply along the lower lash line by softly pressing the brush onto the root of the lower lashes. Then smudge out with fingers for a smokier finish. Add those all-important final touches with mascara. Finally, you can add a sparkle shadow with your finger to give it that real luxe finish.

By Shifa Merchant, Beauty and Fashion creator on Trell

“Smokey eyes are oh so dreamy!! But when we speak of Kim Kardashian’s “smokey eyes” they’re sultry and definitely a head-turning make-up look! Mario, Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist is a magician when it comes to creating surreal red carpet looks and together as a team, these two have aced the nude lips + smokey eye look. So, when this terrific duo gives tips to ace a smokey eye just like Kim K, we’re more than happy to take notes, right?

Firstly, the 4 step technique that they follow is simple but attention to detail is necessary to ace this look. The base shade aka light peach is always patted on the eyelids, no dragging the color, at all! And for step two, you need to use a deep brown-black shade on the outer corners and drag the color inwards with a clean eyeshadow brush. This way, you will create a subtle, yet clean, blended, and easy-going smokey eye! 

For step 3, don’t forget to line your upper lash-line using black eyeliner and then immediately blend it out for a flawless finish. Remember to keep adding the dark brown color on your eyelids depending on how easy-going or deep you want your smokey eyes to be! The more the drama, say yes to adding more darker hues on your eyelids. 

For step 4, use the same deep brown-black shade and blend out your lower lash-line & gently drag it on the outer corners of your eyelids. This will define your eyes. Finish the look with a double coat of your favorite voluminous mascara. Voila! Say hello to the famous “Kim Kardashian’s smokey eyes by following these easy 4 steps.

Shifa says, “Always remember to follow the steps, stick to the color palettes, perfect your blending game, use feathered brushstrokes & most importantly keep at it! Because only practice will help you achieve any look that your heart desires. You got this!

Hope these tips will be of help for your next girls’ night out!

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