This series is so colorful that you’re going to want it all! Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself!

While Diwali brings with it tons of happy memories, all those Diwali snacks, and get-togethers, it also brings back memories of uncomfortable Indian outfits that we don’t necessarily feel like ourselves in but we just put them on because it’s the festive season! It’s hard to find something fun and festive that’s also very comfortable and allows your personality to shine through but Sakshi Sindwani only has this kind of content on her page, stuff that helps you feel more you first and foremost aka her Diwali series.

Whether it’s outfits, jewelry, or accessories we’re talking about, Sakshi has recommendations for it all and we’re totally sold because she looks just so comfortable and herself in it all! Her ’15 Days of Diwali Fits’ series is loaded with outfits and jewelry options you can take inspiration from if you’re also on the lookout for comfortable Indian wear that looks just as glamorous!

Check out her series here!

What are you going to recreate from this Diwali series? Tell us in the comments below.

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