Sakshi Sindwani shares things she learned about content creation over the years

Smrithi Mohan
Jul 28, 2021 07:28 IST
Sakshi Sindwani

Fashion influencer and creator Sakshi Sindwani talks about 5 helpful points on content creation she wished she knew earlier.

It's not a hidden fact that people have started considering content creation as a career and are investing their time in making money out of it. With numerous platforms and short-video formats becoming popular, the want to become an influencer has only grown. We have seen a surge of creators in the last year itself and while the number keeps increasing the need for more original and standalone content also rises. India has its fair share of content creators and influencers who have been doing remarkably well. Their engaging and entertaining content has given the digital space a new meaning. Fashion influencer, Sakshi Sindwani is one of these innovative creators who has always tried to reinvent trends on social media or create her own. It's always great to watch her content given that it's filled with positivity and affirmations.

Every creator has their own story of struggles and failure before they reach the position that they're at. Like every other profession, creators wish they'd have known certain things beforehand. Sakshi, who has been in the content industry for quite some time now, decided to talk about 5 things that she wished she knew before she started her content creation journey. She made a list and explained how each of them is important in its own way.

Sakshi writes, “There isn’t a degree for social media but that doesn’t mean you don’t need education in this field as a content creator.”

She's one of the few influencers who is known for creating content that motivates people to be comfortable in their skin. Being a part of an industry that has its own set of stereotypes, that too on a platform where trolling is as normal as breathing, Sakshi has been putting up content that encourages her followers to be themselves and to embrace their bodies just as they are. Her content is so fresh and engaging, you just don't get bored! It may be her ‘easy to style tips’ or her ‘re-creating outfit videos’, her feed screams unique and keeps us wanting to go back to her page.

Apart from all the styling videos, the biggest reason we follow Sakshi is her body-positive content. She talks about not listening to society and wearing whatever you please. Over the years, we've also seen her collaborate with her fellow creators while embracing and learning from them. Her journey so far is an educational one in itself. She shared a video where she talks about 5 things that she learned over the years. These tips will surely come in handy if you're looking to make a career out of content creation.

Check it out!

Hope these tips are useful if you're planning on taking up content creation as a career too!

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