Sakshi Sindwani's re-creation videos help you up your personal style

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Sakshi Sindwani's re-creation videos help you up your personal style

Let's celebrate fashion and our favorite influencer, Sakshi Sindwani's birthday with these re-creation videos.

If you had to personify sass and positivity, it's easy, just scroll through Sakshi Sidhwani's profile on Instagram. The Indian content creation community is growing and one reason behind it becoming so successful is all the creators who are contributing in their own way. Finding their own style and creating content that is quite to themselves takes a lot of effort and this fashion influencer and model has mastered it well. Sakshi Sindwani's re-creation videos speak for themselves.

Sakshi has shown us time and again what loving yourself and being an optimist can look like. She belongs to an industry that comes with its own stereotypes and has over time been able to create awareness around body positivity. She flaunts 'em curves with pride and rocks each outfit giving us major goals. There is no better way to boost our own confidence than by watching her videos. While she's all about showing off her vibrant styles, she shares the same in the most quirky way possible. You don't have to be a fashion lover to watch her videos, you can spend hours through her page as she shares her small tips and ideas on styling the most basic piece of clothing.

You just cannot be sad after being on her page. Her radiance and eccentric energy can rub off on any gloomy person and put a smile on their face. Being on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, modeling for Manish Malhotra's bride collection, walking the ramp for Shivan & Narresh are some of the few achievements in her career so far. And as we celebrate her birthday today, we made a list of her re-creation videos that we absolutely love.

We are obessed with these videos:

Happy Birthday Sakshi!

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