The Salaam Venky trailer shows a mother going above and beyond for her terminally-ill son but with an intriguing twist at the end

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Salaam Venky trailer

Directed by the powerhouse of talent, Revathy and starring Kajol, the Salaam Venky trailer deals with a mother’s plight to give her son the best life possible while she still can!

The Salaam Venky trailer begins with Sujata (Kajol) and her son Venky (Vishal Jethwa) involved in harmless banter. Her son who is differently-abled, is also admitted to the hospital for being terminally ill and she can’t help but feel helpless about that. She tries her best to give him as normal a life as possible. He plays football with his friends even after being confined to a wheelchair. She helps him with some exercise in the hope that maybe one day he might be able to walk on his own. Making a wholesome reference to the movie Anand, Venky says, “Life should not be longer it should be bigger” and making the most of whatever is left of his life is what is shown in the trailer. He is also often seen playing chess and has another friend who he gets heart shaped balloons for, what her role is and what importance does chess play in the story is not revealed yet but for now it looks like both of those things are important to him. 

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Venky, although, does have a last wish which is another thing that is kept a mystery. Sujatha seems hesitant to make it come true at first, but eventually, she reconciles with it. She promises to give that ‘badi’ and not ‘lambi’ life that he wants. Then begins her journey to fulfill her son's wish, which comes at the cost of what looks like a lot of disappointment and a lot of arguments in the court. The trailer has a montage of Venky living his last few days happily and also members of the media meeting and interviewing him which adds to the curiosity of what his wish really is. After the title and credits roll, the trailer ends with a short scene where Sujatha turns behind and looks at none other than Aamir Khan who is smiling at her. Though we don’t know what character he is playing, it definitely was nostalgic and refreshing to see Kajol and Aamir in the same frame again. This also brings an interesting twist to the story.

Salaam Venky is directed by the iconic south actress, Revathy and the film is based on real life events. The film also stars Rajeev Khandewal, Rahul Bose, Prakash Raj and Ahana Kumra. Salaam Venky is co-produced by Blive Productions and RTake Studios and is set to release in cinemas on December 9. 

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