Be it Nazma aapi’s rants or the satire Kangana Runout, check out how Saloni Gaur made a name with her intelligent humor.

We have been watching and loving the Saloni-verse for quite a long time. Saloni Gaur is good at creating and mimicking. From the unapologetic satire of Nazma Appi to the extraordinary adventures of Nanu, she brought us a number of interesting characters over time. An interesting thing about her videos is that they are so precise and crisp that you can’t stop watching it after just one video.

Yes, there are content creators who do satire, rants, and funny content, but we rarely come across creators who can do all that at once and still not fail to grab our attention. The thing that separates some comedians from others is their wit and the way they handle things, and Saloni did that. We know how well she smartly portrays the double standards of society, especially with her character Aadarsh Bahu. Her famous satire character Kangana Runout and News wraps with her Nazma Aapi will always be among our top favorites. Over time, Saloni has made her own universe of characters, and her unapologetic, clean and witty humor has everyone’s heart.

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On her birthday, let’s take a look at some of her amazing content.

Instagram ke sabhi bando ki taraf se “Happy Birthday, Saloni.”

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