Sam Levinson: The 'Euphoria' director who moves past every controversy to tell his truth!

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Sam Levinson

Sam Levinson has recently premiered his HBO television drama The Idol at the Cannes Film Festival which received a 5-minute standing ovation!

Born to an Academy Award-winning director, Barry Levinson, Sam Levinson is not new to the world of cinema. He was practically born in it and also acted in a couple of them including Toys, Stoic, Bandits, and more. But with the massive weight of his father's legacy, it can be tough for anyone to create a space for themselves. Irrespective, in a very short time, Levinson with his unique style of filmmaking has not only made a name for himself but also is successful at creating a niche for himself. Recently, he just had a showcase for his new HBO TV drama series, The Idol, with Abel 'The Weeknd' Tesfaye and Lily-Rose Depp, which was met with a massive 5-minute standing ovation.

The Idol narrates the story of an aspiring pop idol, Jocelyn played by Depp who loses everything even her last concert tour after her nervous breakdown. Determined in her quest, she gets mixed with a self-help guru and cult leader, Tedros played by Tesfaye, and starts a tumultuous relationship. After Euphoria's success, there is no stopping this unafraid and unabashed filmmaker who amidst all the controversies relating to his titles, never misses hitting the bullseye. His style is raw, aesthetically stylised, and as many say, quite bold for the screen!

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But before we get to witness another of his highly talked about titles on June 4, here are some of his previous works from his filmography that you might want to visit.

Operation Endgame (2010)- Writer

Directed by Fouad Mikati and co-written by Levinson, the film is a dark action comedy that follows an agent, Fool who has to find his boss' killer and stop him from blowing up an entire underground facility.

Another Happy Day (2011) - Writer and Director

A dysfunctional family drama that unfolds all its harsh truths into the limelight when a fragile mother wants to reconnect with her estranged son at his wedding.

The Wizard of Lies (2019)- Writer

Directed by his father, Barry Levinson, the film is a biopic based on the downfall of the life of an American stockbroker and investment adviser, Bernard Madoff. He committed the biggest US fraud by making up a Ponzi scheme that robbed $65 billion from off-guard victims. Finally, things catch up with him.

Assassination Nation (2018)- Writer and Director

It is a satirical black comedy thriller that's based on how four friends survive in Salem, a town in the USA that blew up in huge chaos and mess after a hacker brings to light everyone's deepest darkest truths.

Euphoria (2019)- Writer, Director, Creator, and Executive Producer

An American teen drama adapted from the Israeli show of the same name that tells its narrative from a drug addict's perspective, Rue. This raw, dark yet truthful interpretation of high school involves drug abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, gender dynamics, exploration of sexuality, generational trauma, and much more. It's a highly popular series amongst the younger generation that made Levinson's name a household one.


Malcolm and Marie (2021) - Writer, Director, and Producer

A black-and-white conversational film that explores a tense tumultuous night between a Hollywood filmmaker just on the edge of glory, and his girlfriend apparently whose story he stole without even realising it. The entire film is about one night and a reckoning of their relationship.

Apart from Euphoria, which is your favourite title by this controversial filmmaker? Tell us in the comments below!

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