Revisiting uncanny Bollywood song lyrics with Sanaea Bubber's content

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Revisiting uncanny Bollywood song lyrics with Sanaea Bubber's content

Sanaea Bubber's content shows how translating weird Bollywood Hindi lyrics to English makes it even more hilarious!

Ever heard of "lost in translation"? Well, it's quite common nowadays as we try to translate an original work into different languages to make it accessible to more people. Did you ever get to see a translated piece of art that doesn't make sense to you? Sanaea Bubber's content revolves around precisely that!

No one can deny that Bollywood has given us a lot of gems. And we always have our favorites. But there are songs that don't make sense to the audience. Like what does "Mere photo ko chipka le fevicol se" mean? And it sounds even weirder in English. There are a lot of Hindi songs like this that come to mind right now and thankfully, Sanaea echoes our thoughts and she has a lot of these in mind. She isn't just a good singer but she also does humorous content around music like parodies. There's a series where she translates famous Hindi lyrics into English and it sounds so weird and hilarious! What we love the most, though? Her expressions!

Check out how she showed her creativity with Bollywood songs and their uncanny lyrics!

Do you remember more songs like these?

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