Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the reason behind our Navratri expectations and we're not complaining

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Bollywood Garba

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has been the poster boy of what an iconic Bollywood garba looks like and we are total STANs.

The statement 'Life is a movie' is the embodiment of what movies mean to Indians. Take any random Indian and you will find something that has inspired their way of living. It's hard to take Bollywood away from any living human being. Movies have become a guide to what we like, dislike, wish for, and look forward to. The celebration brings people together inside a dark room, connecting them to become one for 2 hours. Wanting to have an amazing real-life Bollywood garba experience comes from this love for movies.

Talking of celebrations, if there is something that Indian cinema or Bollywood has taught us it's how to make the most of a festival. Dancing to Bole Chudiya at a family sangeet or going all radda in a Ganpati visarjan while listening to our carefully drafted playlist comes from everything we have seen in movies. It comes from our need to have our own 'main character' experience. After an eventual Ganesh Chaturthi, Indians are all set to dwell in the nine days of madness. With Navratri around the corner, if there is anyone who's the reason behind people wanting their experience of the festival to look like total madness, it's Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

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SLB is known for the grandeur of his movies and the experience that it gives the audience. It's what we need to get away from our everyday, mundane life and dive into something larger than life. And our love for his movies is also because of how rich they are. Over the years, he's been able to give us a glimpse of what the quintessential garba is all about - loud beats, harmony, extravagance, and the importance it has from a cultural point of view.

It was not only the culture that was beautifully represented in his movies and songs. We as an audience got to have the whole experience which made us want to get up from our seats and start raas leela of our own. We fell for the energy and tried imagining ourselves as a part of the inner circle. Among all the things one thing we definitely wanted was to steal their wardrobe. The channiya choli had the perfect gher that made every turn look even more appealing.

In his movies, dance has always been the main character in itself. The utter joy that we have while watching the characters' deep and personal emotions being translated into something so public and communal is what makes it a masterpiece. When it comes to Sanjay Leela Bhansali and garba, it has never been just another random sequence where the actress jumps into a dance. It has its own significance falling at a crucial point in the story. That dance is a way for the characters to express themselves and give us a glimpse of their current mental state.

We have watched the lead fall in love with the other and also when they grieve as their relationship falls apart. We watched a character go from a frolicsome young woman to a devasted adult both while doing what she loves, breaking into a full-on garba performance.

There is no doubt that SLB is one of the most exceptional filmmakers in the Indian film industry and the fact that he has also succeeded in giving a new meaning to Indian culture makes people want to celebrate it to the fullest and makes him even more iconic.

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