Saransh Goila makes us fall in love with his Delishaas recipes and catchy food commentary

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Saransh Goila makes us fall in love with his Delishaas recipes and catchy food commentary

Saransh Goila often makes us drool over his recipes. He's probably one of the most loved chefs out there too!

From exploring "Delishaas" cuisines to making us fall in love with the most simple recipes, Saransh Goila sure has left his impression on us over time. In his career, he has hosted a number of food and travelling shows and has been associated with OneRare for quite some time. Most of us know him from his newly released book but we love him for how he makes us enjoy knowing about food. From his recipes to funny food commentary, he has given us a lot of reasons to love his content.

When Saransh shares a recipe, highlighting the simplicity and versatility of each dish is a must and over all these years, he has become successful in making cooking more fun and experimentative. He has made us discover and fall in love with some unknown local dishes and flavours, not to mention that he always comes up with something new around food. He recently came up with his series where he collaborates with famous influencers and asks them, what is that one favourite dish that they would want to eat for the rest of their lives. He has been seen collaborating with Sakshi Sindwani, Dolly Singh, Agasthya Shah, Anshula Kapoor, Ahsaas Channa and many others. Saransh Goila is probably one of the most loved chefs on the internet. And here are some of our favourite food videos from his feed!

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Check them out!

Thanks for making us want to cook even on lazy days! Happy Birthday, Saransh!

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