Make way for the King of Sarcasm people – Ryan Witty Reynolds will make you laugh out loud!

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Ryan Reynolds

Before we get into a fight over the title I just gave –I love Chandler Bing too people! Ryan Reynolds is undoubtedly right next to him and I think we can all agree to that! He is the perfect blend of humour, wittiness, sarcasm, and let’s not forget the looks that could kill!

Ryan Reynolds, a.k.a, Deadpool is one of the few celebrities that is a heartthrob and not just because of his acting. He is equally popular for his funny tweets, interviews –even his captions are hilarious! And if you don’t already follow him millenials, what are you even doing?

To prove my point, here is the Best Of Deadpool:

1. Promote your company but keep it real!

2. And thus began a string of viral memes.

3. Marvel couldn’t have found a better Deadpool if they tried.

4. Friends who roast each other, stick together!

5. “God cried in your mouth” is my new favorite I’ll-overuse-it phrase!

6. Chris Hemsworth AND Ryan Reynolds banter? My day is made!

7. The only person that can outsmart Ryan Reynolds?

8. You’d think he would say Happy Birthday to his daughter properly but nope!(But honestly, finding money in your pocket is an amazing comparison –that feels SO GOOD!)

9. Hell if anyone knew.

10. This is the kind of parent I see myself becoming.

11. Well, it worked out for Ross and Rachel too.

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12. Isn’t she lucky?

13. Isn’t he just the definition of the perfect husband?

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Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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14. I bet anything the host wasn’t expecting such blow to his sets!

15. So, to get laid?

I could go and on with this list, but you need to check out all his posts for yourself!

Also, a very important side note: To all the guys, PLEASE take notes on how to be funny yet charming as hell –you’ll get your girls sooner!

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