Savji Dholakia is back with his “Diwali Bonus” and my faith in humanity is restored!

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Savji Dholakia

Surat’s billionaire diamond merchant, Savji Dholakia, known to give out luxurious gifts to his employees on the occasion of Diwali is back!

On 25th October, the business tycoon gave out 600 cars to his employees as Diwali Bonus and our heads are reeling! The given out cars are Renault KWID and Maruti Suzuki Celerio, both of which cost up to Rs 4.4 lakhs and Rs 5.38 lakhs respectively. The bonuses are supposed to go out to approximately 1700 diamond artists and engineers.

Mr. Dholakia shared a post on Facebook regarding his Skill India Incentive Ceremony 2018 where PM Narendra Modi gave his blessing via live video conferencing.

This is not the first time the billionaire is seen to be generous though. In 2016, Mr Dholakia gifted 400 flats and 1,260 cars as Diwali bonus to his employees; in 2015, 491 cars and 200 flats were handed out as gifts. He skipped the tradition last year but is back with a bang this year!

Twitter was full of love and appreciation for him and didn’t shy away from expressing it. Check it out:

Don’t you suddenly wish you had a billionaire generous boss? Also, this is what keeps humanity going!

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