5 scenes from XO, Kitty that felt natural and relatable to me as a queer person

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5 scenes from XO, Kitty that felt natural and relatable to me as a queer person

Be it finding yourself, figuring out how to come out or dealing with parents, Netflix's XO, Kitty felt like multiple truth bombs fired all at once!

Watching queer dramas has become one of my favourite hobbies ever since Netflix started coming out with queer shows with characters who were so good that I made them a part of my personality. These queer characters have played a pivotal role in breaking down stereotypes, increasing visibility, and fostering a sense of belonging for queer individuals like me. And even though some of these characters stand for these things, the same can't be said for all kinds of queer shows. Some of them feel forced right from the plot, the characters, and even the queer aspect of it. And shows like XO, Kitty thankfully made me feel like there's representation where I don't have to wonder if it's for privileged people. I could finally say "I relate".

The queer characters from XO, Kitty showed a natural way of being queer and every time I watched them it just made me feel seen. Very few queer characters in the past have been able to bring that out and be fun at the same time. Because once a character is introduced as a fun one, they lose the serious element that needs to be shown more. The stigma stuck within the community about dating, figuring yourself out or even coming out to your parents is something people choose to put a blindfold on and Kitty, Yu-Ri, Quincy and Florian portrayed queerness in the most natural way possible and that's what drew me towards the show even more.

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Here are five scenes from this show that felt straight outta my life!

Yu-Ri coming out to her mother

We saw Yu-Ri struggling with her sexuality from the very first episode. More than her sexuality, it was the people around her and acceptance from own mother that she was struggling with. Coming out scenes in shows in general make for a good cry sesh but Yu-Ri's in particular had realness. When you have to fight for your own existence, you reach a point where you don't even need acceptance and that's what Yu-Ri's coming out scene was trying to tell us.


Kitty's journey of finding herself

Kitty flew from America to South Korea just to be with her boyfriend, Dae. After reaching there and getting her heart broken, she choses to stay and work on herself and thanks to the queer gods, she did. Kitty figuring out her sexuality taught me that self acceptance is twice as hard as accepting others.


Q and Florian's will they-won't they

The only gay couple in the show that make sense is this one! The stereotype towards gay relationships were broken and dusted when Q and Florian had problems. The issue they're facing shows maturity and how not all gay relationships end because of being cheated in the relationship.


Kitty coming out to her dad over a call

This was the most random yet beautiful coming out scene in the history of coming out scenes. While she was panicking about her confession to Dae about her feelings towards Yu-Ri, she calls her dad to do the same. In the most random way, her dad completely ignores that and asks her if she's okay. Why this felt natural more than any other scene, you ask? Because it showed me that no matter how hard it has been for you to understand your sexuality, there are people like Kitty's dad who just want to be there for you no matter what your sexuality is.


Kitty's feelings for Yu-Ri

Even before finding herself, Kitty felt attracted and infatuated to Yu-Ri. While she was dating Dae she was constantly fighting the urge of telling Yu-Ri about her feelings. The scene in particular where Kitty bumps into Yu-Ri at the airport and confesses everything that she's been bottling up throughout the season was the most real scene throughout the season. It takes years for some people to find themselves and being okay to feel whatever they're feeling.


Did you find any character in XO, Kitty who you could relate to? Let us know in the comments below!

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