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best songs of 2021

#LetsKetchup: Best songs of 2021 that deserve to be in your playlist if they...

From Raataan Lambiyaan to Kasoor these best songs of 2021 ruled the year and hence deserve a special place in your playlist...
Best Characters of 2021

#LetsKetchup: Best characters of 2021 that made a special place in our hearts

In 2021, some known and unknown faces were busy giving great performances that made their charcters more famous than them. So here...
Iconic scenes and dialogues of 2021

#LetsKetchup: Iconic scenes and dialogues of 2021 that left a mark!

There might have been movies and series that made a special in our hearts but there are some iconic scenes and dialogues...
best of underrated content

#LetsKetchup: Best of underrated content of the year 2021!

Amidst all that we have to watch there is often some content we tend to miss that are good, so here is...
best movies of 2021

#LetsKetchup: Best Movies of 2021 to watch before the year ends!

#LetsKetchup: Here are the 20 best movies of 2021, including Indian and International both, that we think you should definitely watch before...

31 underrated TV shows and movies we watched every Friday in 2021

We spent 2021 watching a bunch of underrated content on OTT platforms, all of which we've reviewed every Friday!
actors of 2021

#LetsKetchup: Actors of 2021 who made a mark with their performances during the year!

With the plethora of content available, there are always great performances to be seen but here are the actors of 2021 who...
million on Instagram

#LetsKetchup: Creators who touched a big ‘M’ mark on Instagram in 2021

Let's take a moment by celebrating and congratulating all these amazing creators who crossed another million on Instagram this year.
Indian gamers

#LetsKetchup: Most followed Indian gamers who have been the buff in 2021

Check out this exclusive list of Indian gamers who went on to create their own special clan of followers in 2021.
actresses of 2021

#LetsKetchup: Actresses of 2021 who made a mark with their performances during the year!

2021 was a year filled with great performances by women but here are the actresses of 2021 who stayed with us and...

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