With new experiences and learnings, the meaning of love has changed. And Sejal Kumar discovers the same with a video that feels close to home.

Love always means different things to different people. It becomes different especially as we grow old and mature into our age. All the life experiences, heart breaks, personalities we come across, learning new stories and more, add to the perspective. The 20 year old you was looking for something completely different as compared to what you are looking for today. Not to forget how our changing priorities, goals and objective of getting into a relationships add to it. Sejal Kumar knows exactly that and shared the same through her recent video.

Valentines Day is when when people find themselves surrounded by things, people and even online content that discusses the L word in every way. Whether it has a sad or happy connotation to it depends on your experiences and you may end up struggling while trying to find out what love means to you or the ones you meet. It’s a broad spectrum that Sejal tries to express in her video.

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She recalled the different stages of her love life and people enjoyed it because most of us have been through the same at some point or the other. Whether it was 13 year old you waiting for your crush on MSN messenger, or the 24 year old going through a breakup, she has listed what love meant to her at each stage and we are in total agreement!

You can watch the video here and see how people reacted to the same!

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