With a demography of over 1.21 billion people, India is the second most populous country in the world. Yet the topic of “Sex” or anything even minutely related to “Sex” is considered taboo here. Maybe because we fell  from the heavens and straight into our Mum’s womb, right? Even though ancient Indians have given the world the Sanskrit text of “KamaSutra“, modern Indians face embarrassment when they have to talk about sex. Take a look at these hilarious videos which takes a dig at our society.

Not only have these videos received a huge number of views, but also an inspiration for brands to create engaging videos for their audiences.

Sex Education in India

Check out what happens in a “govt approved” Sex-Education lecture where the boy inserts his Indian culture into the female values and then Bhagwan Aapko ek Baccha Gift Deta Hai!

India reacts to ban on pornography

Well, if you’re an MP and you watch pornography in the Parliament no one bats an eye, but watch pornography in the privacy of your home and everybody loses their minds. Watch how the govt after solving the issues of corruption, poverty and dowry is now banning pornography which will solve the major issues of this country.

If Boys got their Periods

Ok guys, so if you’ve had a GF, you know what happens during that time of the month. They want to murder you one second for no reason and in the next minute they want to be cuddled and fed dark chocolate. Well, ever wondered what would happen if guys got periods. Check out in this hilarious video.

Rape : Its Your Fault

Check out this famous video in which AIB  makes a satire on how rape is ALWAYS the woman’s fault. Whether its for wearing  whatever she feels like, using mobile or the other stereotypes. This video makes an excellent point on the victim-blaming society prevalent these days.

Girl Asks For Condoms – Shocking Reactions?

This is a social experiment video where a girl asks several people for condoms on the streets of India only to be met by some awkward and shocked reactions. Check out this hilarious piece below.

How Indian Men Buy Condoms

Ok, if you cannot buy them or if you’re too shy to go the medical to buy one, you’re too young for sex Bro! Now if you did muster up the courage to buy them please do avoid using code words to save yourself the embarrassment and the chemist an awful lot of confusion. Is it so hard to say “Condom”? Watch this video about how Indian men buy Chatri, umm, I mean Condom.