Sex Education season 3 is all about friendships and growing up together

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Sex Education season 3

This coming-of-age teen drama on Netflix is quite progressive yet empathetic and seems like it has leveled up in Sex Education season 3.

The coming-of-age teen drama genre is as confusing and experimental as these years are IRL. And in a country like ours where even the word S-E-X is a huge no-no, imagine talking about being educated in sex. Netflix's Sex Education came as quite the empathetic humourous educator. And now with its third installment, it's interesting to see the way the show has evolved over the seasons. Sex Education season 3 is just as dramatic and humorous and deals with prickly themes as its previous seasons but it's leveled up.

We last left Moordale, the fictitious town somewhere in England that is untouched by reality yet feels very real with the school showcasing an aliens-meet-penis themed musical, highly homophobic Adam Groff realizes his sexuality and feelings for Eric, Otis in a full-on romantic style confesses his feeling for Maeve in a voicemail which is in a very raunchy teen drama style deleted by Maeve's neighbor Issac and yes, Jean Milburn gets to know that she is pregnant. Moordale High School is back in session after the summers in which a lot has happened already. Otis has grown a mustache and is having casual sex with oh-so-popular Ruby, Eric and Adam are now in an official relationship, Jean is very visibly pregnant, Maeve and Amiee are closer than ever and yes, there's a new school principal called Hope.

The series in its due course of 8 episodes has gotten more story-driven than just sex-driven. Though the therapeutic style of Otis and his humor has lessened up, the series has a way of picking up issues and talking about them in a matter-of-fact manner without sounding preachy and will tug at your heart. Aimee's follow-up on sexual assault, penis size, grief sex, abstinence, talk of comprehensive sex education curriculum, teen sexuality, gender identity, and more volatile issues, all of this is covered in this season. But more than the issues, it was the friendships and the idea of self-love that will warm up your heart like Eric and Otis's friendship defying all rules of male friendship or Maeve's and Aimee's which has its ups and downs and comes out stronger or a new one like Rahim and Adam or that of the three musketeers Ruby, Anwar, and Olivia.

In the wake of telling stories of raging teens, it does not forget about its adults. Jean, Jakob, Michael, Erin, Colin, Emily, and Hope all go through their own roller coaster of life. Though the new principal Hope is a lot similar to Harry Potter's Dolores Umbridge in imposing rules yet she is not all that villainous. Jean on the other hand breaks out of her character of just being a therapist. But the most interesting journey is taken by Michael Groff in this season.

Season 1 was all about walking into teenage years and learning about various things. Season 2 was being in chaos but still trying to make sense and getting lost and Season 3 is all about rising back up, realizing, and growing the hell up. The series magnificently portrays the ever so confusing, chaotic growing-up age with empathetic and mature storytelling. The third season totally holds up to the bar of the previous seasons.

But enough from us let's dive into what the janta is saying about Sex Education season 3!

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