Shah Rukh Khan's e-meet with acid attack survivors is an act of kindness and love

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Shah Rukh Khan's e-meet with acid attack survivors is an act of kindness and love

Shah Rukh Khan is so much more than a talented actor and this e-meet with acid attack survivors from his 'Meer Foundation' is proof.

Shah Rukh Khan aka SRK is a megastar who is considered to be the heartthrob of the nation. He is also one kindred heart who never shies away from showing us that he's so much more than that. This candid e-meet with acid attack survivors from his own 'Meer Foundation' is proof of that.

During this chat, he remembered his mother, discussed baby names, encouraged these women, and sang with them. Apart from being his witty, fun, and charming self, he personally greeted each woman and asked them about their well-being. He asked each one of them about their surgeries and planned out strategies to help them in the future. Amidst all of this, what captured our attention was the message he gave them in the end. He motivated them and applauded their courage, told them that we will all get through this together and all will be well. This is the kind of reassurance we all need right now, no?

Watch this heartwarming interaction right here.

Doesn't this melt your heart? Shah Rukh has been helping acid attack survivors in their surgeries with this non-profit organization since 2013. He is one actor who doesn't just speak up for women but also lets them speak for themselves. You'd notice that in this video as well. Despite him being there, he didn't take away their voice; instead, he uplifted them.

What was so encapsulating about this video was Shah Rukh pointing out that despite all that they have faced, these women are smiling and living it up. Maybe that's something we all need to learn, to keep putting one foot forward against all odds. Tiny little moments like these are what make SRK so lovable to this very day. More so, him taking a step to work towards women empowerment and uplifting them makes him a true hero, in our opinion.

If you want to watch another instance of him being a feminist, check out the article below. Look at the way he replies when asked about wooing a girl.

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