After Kriti Sanon, the Padmaavat actor Shahid Kapoor is the most recent victim of cyber hacks. His Twitter and Instagram accounts have been hacked by a Turkish hacker group known as Ayyildiz Tim, founded in 2002. They describe themselves as patriots and Ataturk(father of the Turks) supporters.

Ayyildiz Tim seem to be having a beef with the portrayal of Alauddin Khalji in Shahid’s movie Padmaavat and are taking it out through Shahid Kapoor’s Instagram and Twitter account. Shahid also has a huge number of followers on these social media platforms allowing the group to reach a great deal of people, helping them to showcase their views, political or otherwise.

The group has brought down many websites previously, including the one that belonged to the Syrian Government, USA, China, Russia and so on. They also brought down Sparta FC’s official website after some of their fans burned the Turkish flag during an UEFA match.

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Seems like the hackers are having a fun time hacking the account and promoting themselves and their work.

  1. They are the ones behind Kriti Sanon’s account hack as well. 

2. Sorry bro we need a transcriber here! 

3. Will you? 

4. Looks like they are big time Katrina Kaif’s fans

6. And the reason behind the rage

While they had their share of fun, fans of Shahid are having theirs. Do read the fan’s comment for Salman Khan.

Although Turkish citizens may have been victimized due to catastrophic consequences of political or social disputes, presenting one’s views by gaining unauthorized access of a celebrity’s social media accounts might not be ethical or may even put one in the same category of people they seem to fight against. For some Khalji might be righteous, for some abysmal but Shahid Kapoor seems to be an innocent victim in this trifle as he is not responsible for Khalji’s portrayal or his doings neither is he involved with or against the group’s activities.

Thank God his accounts are retrieved timely!