Sherni released on Amazon Prime Video recently and here’s what the janta’s take is on the film featuring Vidya Balan.

Directed by the Newton fame director, Amit V. Masurkar and starring Vidya Balan, the basic dilemma that the film Sherni deals with is man versus wild. When a new D.F.O (Divisional Forest Officer) takes charge of this position in the forests of Madhya Pradesh, a village in the vicinity is threatened by a tigress on the prowl.

Vidya (Vidya Balan) seems isolated, indifferent and is a woman of very few words but is determined and intensely passionate about her work. She is like the lone woman wolf in a male-dominated department who is nonchalant about her colleagues constantly trying to undermine her. Suddenly a tigress, identified as T12, by the forest department, starts hunting near the village fields endagering humans and farm animals all alike. As the village is flanked by forests on both sides, the villagers treat tigers passing through their fields as a norm. Often the tigers pass by without even glancing in their direction, but this new development spreads the fear of lives and livelihood. And as soon as the situation turns dire, authorities are approached and as usual the local politicians turn it in for their own benefit.

For Vidya, locating and capturing T12 alive is of utmost priority and importance. But she has to face so many hurdles to make this a possibility. Navigating through the sentiments of the locals and the pressure built by the politicians. And the top it all, her boss Bansal’s (Brijendra Kalra) attitude, who just wants the problem to disappear into the woods. And Ranjan Rajhans (Sharat Saxena), an ally of the politicians who calls himself a conservationist but prides himself on the number of tigers he has hunted. Her only support seems to comes from Hassan Noorani (Vijay Raaz), who is a zoology professor in a nearby college, some of the local villagers like Jyoti (Sampa Mandal), a member of the village committee, and Mr. Nangia (Neeraj Kabi), the Forest Department Head.

So take a look at here so as to know whether this film roared like the Sherni for the janta or not!

After reading all of these reviews by the janta, what do you think? Will you watch this environmentalist film, Sherni? Tell us in the comments below!

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