Sherry Shroff has been of great help during the pandemic by spreading awareness and helping us donate.

When the pandemic first hit us, there was an insane amount of frenzy around us, given how blindsided each of us felt. How long will this last, how bad is it, can we help someone in need, what does this mean for us, what about our jobs? Our questions were endless, and we had no idea where to look for answers. The end result? An extremely overwhelmed and anxious society with nothing to do except binge-watch TV shows and movies.

Times like these showed us what humanity looks like on social media. While a lot of our content creators did their bit to spread awareness and help with resources, last year Scherezade Shroff Talwar aka Sherry Shroff, joined hands with Pri Shewakramani for creating Quarancharity, a fundraising initiative that tied up with multiple specialists to host virtual workshops, the proceeds of which went to three NGOs.

Off late, Sherry has been putting up a bunch of Insta stories for people looking for jobs and brands looking to hire, which made it a little easier for those of us who were laid off due to Covid-19 and its aftermath. She curated a bunch of Instagram guides about shopping from local brands that are donating their proceeds for Covid Relief. This Youtube vlogger also went on to talk about the vaccination process and how we need to wait for our turn instead of gathering at vaccination centers. And what we love the most about her is how mindful she has been while putting out content right now. With everyone looking for answers right now, it’s nice to find an account that helps you with covid-19 related concerns while showing you what it feels like to be spoken to with kindness.

As much as we love the kind of content that Sherry generally creates, it is posts like these that make us feel less alone, like we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Check out some of her pandemic centric content here!

Want to donate to a charity from her list? Head to her Instagram profile here.

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