These Shot On iPhone Photos Will Awaken The Artist Within You

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Shot on iPhone Photos

We've come across some incredible Shot On iPhone photos and they will certainly make you get over your weekday blues.

It's 2019 or as it is better known - the 'right now' era. From connections, decisions, breakups, patch-ups, regret to gratification, there a lot that comes with being the 'Instant Generation'. And like a lot of other things, we are also drawn towards instantly capturing photos of everything that catches our eye. Food, fashion, architecture, pets and especially nature often turn into the subject or muse for those with an eye for finding beauty and immortalising it through one-tap (or sometimes 20) on their screen. Today, we're looking at Shot On iPhone photos which encouraged user-generated content by bringing attention to their knack for finding and seizing gripping visuals and moments.

This is one photography trend that's been on the rise for a long time and was started by the tech giant, Apple. Their #ShotOniPhone campaign attracted users by featuring some of the best shots taken on the phone on the phone's OOH advertising. That incentive plus bragging rights coupled with the keen interest in photography has led to users to capture and share some of the most stunning sights they've witnessed.

Here are some of the most stunning Shot On iPhone photos you will see today:

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